Perimeter Security Systems – Welcome to Perimeter Systems Pty Ltd

For many years, Perimeter Systems Pty Ltd has been the preferred partner for organizations that require the highest level of security for their facilities. With a reliable perimeter security system, you can keep your assets, information and other important things safe.

Our sensors make it easy to detect intruders and protect everything you value. The long-term benefits are worth the money you’ll spend on a security system. Find out more about our solutions.

Intrusion Sensors


Southwest Microwave field-proven sensor technologies provide reliable perimeter detection options for security sensitive applications and harsh exterior environments. Anything that detects potential attacks or intrusions is a wise investment.

Our Expertise


We have been specialising in electronic perimeter systems with Government, Commercial and Corrective services sector for over 20 years. Our long list of satisfied loyal customers is a testament to the quality of work and solutions we provide.

System Planning Services


Perimeter Systems Australia invests heavily in comprehensive technical training classes for systems integrators, installers and end-users. This ensures that the people involved in the use, installation and management of our perimeter security products know what they are doing.

Product Development and Innovation

We keep innovating to provide better products and services to our growing clientele. Drone Detector® is one of the latest additions to our product line. A bunch of other new products will be available soon.

Support Services

Whether you need replacement parts or technical support to keep your security system in good working condition, Perimeter Systems Pty Ltd will never disappoint.

Five- Point Advantage

Perimeter Systems Pty Ltd ensures you get the most appropriate perimeter alarm system for your facility. Here are the things that make us the leading choice for reliable building protection:

• More than 20 years experience

• Smart solutions and the latest technology (innovative systems with impressive features and functionalities)

• Internationally recognised (products available in multiple countries across the globe)

• Exceptional service (design, installation, and technical support)

• Fast delivery of security systems and parts

Industries We Serve

We provide innovative intrusion detection systems to clients in different sectors, including:

• Transportation

• Industrial

• Correctional Facilities

• Utility

• Government and Military

• VIP Residential

Contact us today so we can talk about how we can improve your security.

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